American Intercontinental University
Unit 2 Group Project
Group Members: Benjaporn Anruechai, Jacqueline Mesnard, Sarah McGuire, Carmen Natrin

Online tools such as wikis provide opportunities for asynchronous online collaboration. Discuss and share information with a few colleagues about ethical issues you and your students may face in online learning, and discuss ideas for how you could handle them if they arise in your classroom.
  • Each member is in charge of creating 1 wiki page within the wiki on an ethical or legal topic related to online learning.
    • These include but are not limited to the following:
      • Online privacy and identity protection
      • Children’s Online Protection Act (COPPA) or another similar Act or government initiative
      • Cybersafety and cyberbullying
      • Academic honesty and plagiarism in online learning
      • Internet acceptable use policies
      • Net etiquette
    • Each page needs to contain the following:
      • Information about the topic (history, current state, problems/solutions)
      • Direct links to where the information was located
      • At least 5 additional live links for further information
Please add your file.
  • After group members finish their individual pages, other group members must go to the other pages to do the following:
    • Make a comment, ask a question, or add another resource.
    • Put your initials after your name so that your additions can be tracked.
Please add your file.
Grading Criteria
A wiki was set up with all group members joining the wiki.
At least 3 wiki pages about ethical or legal issues, with individual group members responsible for one of them.
Each page contains basic information about the topic (history, current state, problems/solutions), links to the sources where the information was found, and at least 5 links for further information.
Group members must make comments and additions to the other members’ pages.